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'Akuma' Demon Japanese Kimono

'Akuma' Demon Japanese Kimono

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Yes we know, you've probably never seen or heard of a Kimono. Let us explain. A kimono invented in the 16th century, became the primary item for dresses of all class and genders. In other words, it's the suits and dresses of Japan. It comes in many patterns, colors, and materials.

Why does this matter? Well, if you're going purchase a Kimono (please do), you wouldn't want your friends asking what it is and you being the ignorant clown not know what you're wearing.. 

Kimonos are in Japanese sizes. Please consider ordering one size larger than what you normally wear, or refer to our sizing chart for clarification. Limited 5 quantities per product per day. If sold out, check back tomorrow. 

  • Premium Quality: Made of 100% polyester for long lasting quality.
  • Unisex Kimono: Streetwear has no gender labels at Kaitama!
  • Maximum Comfort: Soft and light to touch, no rough friction.
  • Japanese inspired design
  • Washing Instructions : Machine wash at 40°, quick dry
  • FREE Shipping Available 
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